Water Damage Restoration

Our experts have experience dealing with property water damage after a major storm, a hurricane, a flood or even a hidden or burst pipe.

Mold Damage Restoration

We inspect your property and find even the smallest traces of mold. We then remediate your property to make sure any mold spores stay away.

Fire Damage Restoration

Get rid of fire and smoke damage on your property with the help of our team of experts. We are ready to assist in restoring your home or business.

Biohazard Cleanup & Disinfection

If your home or business has been infected by a virus, or you are simply taking precautionary measures, Restoration 1 is here to help with our professional Biohazard Cleanup & Disinfection.


Restoration 1 of New York is a team of property restoration experts and immediate responders who help homeowners after disaster strikes.
Our professionals are among the most trained and experienced repairmen and technicians in the industry. We use the field’s most advanced and innovative practices to ensure your property is returned to its pre-damage state.

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a burst sewer main, a house fire, severe mold growth, a flood, or any kind of disaster, Restoration 1 is here to make sure your home is rebuilt and restored to its original state – or even better. Our team responds to emergency damage immediately, utilizing our national supply of resources and professionals to pull together and fix your property.

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They Say

Over the years, our team of restoration experts have touched the lives of many homeowners. Check out what our customers have to say about Restoration 1!

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Robert Tadin
Robert Tadin
Once a year, I have the carpets cleaned in my home and my parents' home. This means I end up twice as happy because of the excellent job that Restoration 1 does at making our floors look brand new. Avery and crew are super - thanks again!
Katie Hewitt
Katie Hewitt
Restoration 1 of New York took care of the mold remediation we needed to be done in our Nassau County home’s attic. I thought I would never feel safe breathing up there, but now we can store our unused things and don't have to worry about getting sick. Carl and his team rock - thank you!
James oberkirch
James oberkirch
Professional prompt and friendly service. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Eleanor Robson
Eleanor Robson
We had a nasty thunderstorm last summer that left our yard on Long Island covered with downed tree limbs. Restoration 1 of New York quickly handled the cleanup, and the end result was a restored lawn. Terrific job, Doug and crew!
Cleo Sawyer
Cleo Sawyer
I was already stressed when our Bay Shore home’s basement flooded because of issues with my insurance company. Restoration 1 of New York was the best part of the process and assured me that all the damage would be handled. I was thrilled with the finished product. Carl and his team were as good as their word - what a great job they did!
David Morgan
David Morgan
One thing I love about Restoration 1 of New York is the fact that they treat all jobs with the same hard-working approach. Whether it's the smallest job or the biggest project, they put their best efforts forward every time. Kat was awesome - I recommend him when you call this company!
Lucinda Kirk
Lucinda Kirk
Restoration 1 of New York is more than just a clean-up and restoration company. They literally do it all, regardless of the size of the project. There's nothing they can't handle. Doug and his team are amazing - thanks!
Venita Daniels
Venita Daniels
Lyndon and Layne handled most of the heavy lifting when we got Restoration 1 of New York to do our storm cleanup. They did such a good job that we even left them a tip. The whole crew works hard!
Roger Hicks
Roger Hicks
Rob and his crew arrived the day after we had our kitchen fire. There was water damage on top of smoke damage, and I didn't know how they were going to pull it off. I was thrilled with the final product and ended up with a better kitchen than before.

After my house experienced a fire, Christian and his crew helped rebuild everything fast and efficiently. They did an amazing beautiful job! They’re a pleasure to work with, and we appreciate the hard work they put into fixing the house up! They truly are perfectionists and they pay attention to all the little details so everything is just right. I highly recommend Restoration 1, you won’t be disappointed!!

Isabella D

We had an unexpected pipe burst in our dining room. Of course it had to be close to the holidays and my wife takes COVID19 very seriously. I googled Restoration 1 and gave them a call. Within the next hour we were safely greeted by Carl who assured us they can handle this situation. Carl and his team found the leak and went to work the same day. The owner reached out to me personally to make sure everything is being taken care of. This is the type of service you really do not see anymore. God forbid we have another emergency at our house I will make sure to reach out to Restoration1. They really made a very stressful situation much easier.

Ralph B

I have only great things to say about Restoration 1. They showed up at the house within hours of the initial phone call and completed exhaustive clean-up and mold-prevention work as quickly as possible. During the entire process, they communicated exactly what needed to happen and when, so I always knew what was going on. In addition to the excellent work and professionalism, everyone I spoke to was also very kind and compassionate--they all clearly understand that your basement flooding is a very stressful thing. In this instance, there was also a health issue with someone in the house, so they provided additional reassurance about the environmental health and safety concerns I had. I would have given six stars out of five if that were an option.

Sarah H

Restoration 1 came in to our home after a covid outbreak and fogged every room!! Wipes down every surface and made sure that our home was now germ free!!! Great friendly professional crew!!! Super accommodating!! Would highly recommend.

Restoration 1 of New York serves customers all over downstate New York.

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